Upgrade your Sophos XG firewall to the new Sophos Firewall XGS

05.05.2021 This marks the date when the Sophos next-gen firewall appliances got super charged. Introducing the new Sophos Firewall XGS series.  Same look from the out side, but brand new on the inside. What does this mean for you: A more power full next-gen firewall that is powerful enough to handle the loads for cyber [...]

Looking for an alternate to McAfee

McAfee recently announced the sale of it Enterprise division and we are helping customers with an alternate solution. This is an enterprise grade next-gen anti-malware solution that has state of the art XDR capability. XDR is a high sought after feature and better yet its available to all McAfee Enterprise  customers. Our next-gen endpoint security [...]

Certified Ethical Hacker CEHv11 Live instructor course launch – Ultimate learning package

Nuformat Inc. launches its Live instructor led Certified Ethical Hacker(CEHv11) course with first of its kind Ultimate learning package that should not be missed. Cyber security ethical hacking skills are extremely valuable for both individuals and corporations and can be used in both defensive and offensive security. About Certified Ethical Hacker The Certified Ethical Hacker [...]

Why is Ethical Hacking important for any size business?

Are all hackings bad?  No. There is a good side to hacking called Ethical Hacking. Ethical Hacking aims to help business reduce risk by; Finding security holes in their environment Improving on detection security processes and procedures Train security teams to think like a hacker Every business has security tool or controls in place to [...]

3 benefits of using Managed Security Service Provider

A Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) can be a life line for many small and medium businesses during the COVID19 pandemic. Many businesses are going online to enable services and solution to their customers quickly and efficiently. As small and medium businesses accelerate digital transformation, they also need to keep abreast with cyber security needed [...]

Cyber Security – a Digital Transformation must have

COVID19 has fast tracked adoption of digital technologies by small and medium businesses. These include ecommerce adoptions, digital processes, cloud adoption such as AWS, Azure and GCP. Other forms of adoptions include SaaS services such as MS 365 for email and storage. While all off these enable efficiencies, it also opens up new threats for [...]

Migrate from Symantec Endpoint protection with ease

Is your business looking to switch from Symantec Endpoint security? Look no further. We are please to offer a full service migration offering that includes industry leading endpoint solution as well a migration services. Also available as an addon is our Managed XDR/MTR solution. This is where we enable a complete endpoint dection and response [...]

Cyber security essentials for Home Office

We're going to focus on the cybersecurity essentials for a home office. Do these terms sound any familiar; remote work, work from home, home office? Let's start by understanding what each means and then talk about securing the home office. What is a Home Office? When a business owner operates their small and medium business [...]

Cybersecurity check list for small and medium businesses

Given the wide variety of business types and sectors, we often get asked the question, what cybersecurity does my small and medium business (SMBs) need?  The good news is that many small and medium business have common elements of operation and this enables us to provide a Cybersecurity check list for majority of SMBs. Before [...]

TIPs on how to secure small and medium business in times of recession

COVID19 has significantly impacted the global economy driving multiple countries that were once booming, into recession.  Many economies across the world are highly dependent upon small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) and sole proprietors – organizations that have been severely impacted over the last 4 months. 0 % Canada: % of small businesses (0-500 employees) [...]