Managed Detection and Response MDR – 3 small letters that will enhance your business

24/7 MDR service is a business enhancer 🚀 How you may ask❓️ ➡️ It’s ON 24/7 – relax have and have peace of mind knowing that you have the best security working to protect your business day and night ➡️ Saves your business cost of building and operating your own Security Operations Centre (SOC), costing […]

Top 5 benefits of Cybersecurity for your business

Top 5 benefits of Cybersecurity for your business Cybersecurity is core for modern digital business operations. Businesses that are using digital technologies such as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions to improve their operations need to have cybersecurity. What are the The Top 3 benefits of Cybersecurity for any business? We have them here; 1) Reduce Business Risk […]

Nuformat adds Infosec as Cyber Security training partner

Nuformat Inc. is now an InfoSec Training Partner Nuformat Inc.  is pleased to announce that they're now an InfoSec training Partner. This partnership further enhances are reach and depth of cybersecurity skills development and cybersecurity awareness programs. The training programs range from cybersecurity training tracks to programing and project management skills. Cybersecurity track includes self-paced [...]

Cybersecurity skills development – which training to take

Selecting Cybersecurity Training Cybersecurity is a CORE service that is needed for ALL businesses that are adopting digital technologies. Having the right cybersecurity skills is necessary to protect businesses from continuous cyber threats and attacks. Getting started in cybersecurity therefore requires a methodical skills development. There are TWO options for trainings; Self-learning Instructor led training [...]

What is MDR service?

Managed Detection and Response MDR - What is it anyway? Business are fast embracing digital technologies to improve their efficiencies. This new digital transformation although is great for business, but it also opens the door for continuous cyber threats and attacks on their digital environments. To help secure the business, IT teams are deploying security [...]

What is a Security Operations Centre (SOC) as a Service?

What is Security Operation Centre (SOC)-as-a-Service? Cybersecurity is achieved by combining PEOPLE, TECHNOLOGY and PROCESSES. PEOPLE A Security Operations Centre (SOC) embodies this principal and is a centralized security centre that is dedicated to monitor and respond to cybersecurity threats and attacks around the clock. The SOC needs skilled and trained cybersecurity staff who are monitoring and responding [...]

Nuformat Inc. Wins First 5-Star Review on B2B Platform

Nuformat Inc. is a cybersecurity firm that helps small and medium businesses from continuous cyber risk. We provide services that enhance your operational capabilities, giving you the utmost confidence to accomplish your goals. We believe that every business deserves best-in-class protection in the modern digital space. Feedback is integral to our constant pursuit of consistent [...]

Why medical dotors clinics need cybersecurity now

Why Dotors Clinic need cybersecurity Dotors clinic are high paced environments that require close to 100% update while patients are visiting for treatment. A vital component of doctors clinics is accessibility to patient Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Many EMR service providers host their information in the cloud or provide access via Virtual Desktop tools, such [...]

3 reasons why cybersecurity team should train in Ethical Hacking

3 Reasons why train your cybersecurity team in Ethical Hacking skills Here top 3 reason why corporation that have their own cyber security teams should train them in Ethical Hacking skills; Learn to think like a hacker Learn new techniques used by hackers from industry experienced experts  Find security holes before hackers do To defend [...]

Buy Sophos Firewall online

https://shop.nuformat.com/ Sophos Firewall XGS series is a new breed of Next Gen Firewall. Totally re-architected with enhanced dedicated processors. There is a firewall that is sized just right for your business. Visit our 24/7 shop and buy with confidence. https://shop.nuformat.com/ Need help with setup and ongoing management of the Sophos Firewall? No worries, we can [...]

Sophos Data Centre – Canada

Sophos Canada Data Centre Launched Awesome news to share for our Canadian Business customers. Sophos has launched it's Canada Data Centre for all Sophos InterceptX XDR endpoint and server, Sophos MTR, and Sophos Cloud Optics solutions. The Sophos Canada Data Centre is located in Montreal and solves the problem of Data Sovereignty for those who [...]

Threat Hunting – why businesses need it

Consider a business that has endpoint security tools. Should they stop there? The Answer is No. They need something more and what is that? Introducing Threat Hunting. What is Threat Hunting? Threat Hunting is the process of search and discovery of malicious actors in a business's estate that have evaded security controls. The search is [...]

Technical break down of the Kaseya supply chain attack

On 07.02.2021, eve of Independence day long weekend, businesses were hit with Kaseya Supply Chain ransomware attack from REvil. It's important to learn how the attack happened and then take action to improve the business security postures. Sophos has explained the Kaseya supply chain ransomware attack in great detail in their article; Independence Day: REvil [...]

Supply chain security best practices guide

Supply Chain Cyber Security The latest Kaseya VSA supply chain cyber attacked happened on the even of July 4 long weekend, deliberately timed for maximum impact due to reduced IT security staff availability. What is a Supply Chain cyber attack? Cyber attackers leverage vulnerability in a 'trusted supplier', that already has permissions and exclusions in [...]

Ransomware Prevention Tips

US has declared Cyber security state of emergency on May 10, 2021 following cyber attack on US pipe line company. This puts great emphasis on businesses that are lagging behind cyber security to start taking action and implement a robust solution as soon as possible. Ransomware attack can happen to any size business, big or [...]

Upgrade your Sophos XG firewall to the new Sophos Firewall XGS

05.05.2021 This marks the date when the Sophos next-gen firewall appliances got super charged. Introducing the new Sophos Firewall XGS series.  Same look from the out side, but brand new inside. Upgrade or buy Sophos Firewall online: https://shop.nuformat.com/ Sophos XGS Next Gen Firewall Shop Full details of the new Sophos Firewall XGS are here, Full [...]

Looking for an alternate to replace McAfee

McAfee recently announced the sale of it Enterprise division and we are helping customers with an alternate solution. This is an enterprise grade next-gen anti-malware solution that has state of the art XDR capability. XDR is a high sought after feature and better yet its available to all McAfee Enterprise customers. Our next-gen endpoint security [...]

Certified Ethical Hacker CEHv11 Live instructor course launch – Ultimate learning package

Nuformat  is an Accredited Training Provider (ATC) for EC-COUNCIL courses in Canada and USA. Nuformat launches its Live Instructor led Certified Ethical Hacker(CEHv11) course. This ultimate learning package that should not be missed. Cyber security ethical hacking skills are extremely valuable for both individuals and corporations and can be used in both defensive and offensive [...]

Why is Ethical Hacking important for any size business?

Are all hackings bad?  No. There is a good side to hacking called Ethical Hacking. Ethical Hacking aims to help business reduce risk by; Finding security holes in their environment Improving on detection security processes and procedures Train security teams to think like a hacker Every business has security tool or controls in place to [...]

Benefits of ethical hacking for businesses

Why does a business need a Ethical Hacker? The answer is found by an analogy to medicine. We conduct regular body checks to find problems that if detected early on can be prevented from becoming into a major health problem later on in life. In the same, way, ethical hacking or penetration testing is a [...]

3 benefits of using Managed Security Service Provider

A Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) can be a life line for many small and medium businesses during the COVID19 pandemic. Many businesses are going online to enable services and solution to their customers quickly and efficiently. As small and medium businesses accelerate digital transformation, they also need to keep abreast with cyber security needed [...]

Cyber Security – a Digital Transformation must have

COVID19 has fast tracked adoption of digital technologies by small and medium businesses. These include ecommerce adoptions, digital processes, cloud adoption such as AWS, Azure and GCP. Other forms of adoptions include SaaS services such as MS 365 for email and storage. While all off these enable efficiencies, it also opens up new threats for [...]

Migrate from Symantec Endpoint protection with ease

Is your business looking to switch from Symantec Endpoint security? Look no further. We are please to offer a full service migration offering that includes industry leading endpoint solution as well a migration services. Also available as an addon is our Managed XDR/MTR solution. This is where we enable a complete endpoint dection and response [...]

Cyber security essentials for Home Office

We're going to focus on the cybersecurity essentials for a home office. Do these terms sound any familiar; remote work, work from home, home office? Let's start by understanding what each means and then talk about securing the home office. What is a Home Office? When a business owner operates their small and medium business [...]

Cybersecurity check list for small and medium businesses

Given the wide variety of business types and sectors, we often get asked the question, what cybersecurity does my small and medium business (SMBs) need?  The good news is that many small and medium business have common elements of operation and this enables us to provide a Cybersecurity check list for majority of SMBs. Before [...]

TIPs on how to secure small and medium business in times of recession

COVID19 has significantly impacted the global economy driving multiple countries that were once booming, into recession.  Many economies across the world are highly dependent upon small and medium sized businesses and sole proprietors – organizations that have been severely impacted over the last 4 months. 0 % Canada: % of small businesses (0-500 employees) that [...]

What is Cybersecurity?

To understand "what is cybersecurity" we need to know the meaning of the two words, "cyber" and "security". What does "cyber" mean? In today's world, people and businesses are connected more than ever. They are using digital systems to deliver services and products to clients from anywhere to anywhere in the world.  Here are some [...]

FREE Cybersecurity training resources

FREE Cybersecurity training at your fingertips Eager to learn Cybersecurity? Here are some helpful FREE Cybersecurity training resources: Cloud Security Free Microsoft Azure certification Free AWS Security Training Free AWS - Security Fundamentals Free courses offered by Coursera on Cloud Industrial Controls  ICS Security training by Homeland security  Online training and certification on Automation and [...]

Defense in Depth explained

You've heard the term "Defense in Depth", but what is it really? Simply put, its security deployed in layers, just like the inner layers of an onion. The goal of Defense in Depth is to present the adversary, hacker, with multiple layers of security and make it costly and time intensive for them.   To [...]