Cyber Security Awareness Training

Why you Need Cyber security awareness training?

Cyberthreats like malware and phishing attacks can make easy inroads to your company if the user is untrained or unaware of how to recognize cybersecurity threats. Hackers are aware that users are untrained and therefore use these methods as attack vectors and achieve their goals.

We help bridge the cybersecurity awareness gap by providing Security Awareness Training for your enterprise and change the end user behaviour.

With a trained and educated user, cyberthreats are reduced.


Our Security Education Training and Awareness modules and Learning Management System (LMS) have the following main features;

Our Cybersecurity awareness Training is conducted remotely via web to anywhere in the world.

The cybersecurity awareness training is Customized to fit your business needs while allowing lots of Security Awareness Training modules to choose from.

Fully managed end to end. You get to Assess, Educate and Evaluate the user training progress throughout the year.

Contact us and let us help you get your business user Trained!

How our Security Awareness Training solution works

1. Establish a BASELINE of your user’s security awareness knowledge

2. Fill in the gaps by TRAINING the end user

3. TEST the effectiveness of your training efforts by launching simulated Phishing campaigns

4. Examine the RESULTs in an advanced reporting console. Retrain if required.

What benefits you’ll achieve:

Significantly Reduce external phishing attacks and malware infections by changed end user behaviour.

Improve phishing vulnerability among Results feedback.

Reduce business risk and impact related to end-user security.