24/7 Managed Detect and Response MDR Security Services

Protect your business from cyber threats and attacks while increasing your bottom line

As a managed cyber security service provider, we deliver state-of-the-art security surveillance and response powered by state-of-the-art Security Operation Centre 24/7 365 days a year.

We help businesses save on Massive Capital Expenses

All businesses need a Security Operation Centre (SOC) to protection the business from continuous cyber threats and attacks. Yet, few small and medium sized businesses have the thousands in capital required to build one in-house and run it 24/7.

With Nuformat’s managed security (MDR) service, your business reaps the benefits of a SOC without the heavy CapEx  and operating expenses.

  • Highly skilled security professionals
  • 24/7 Security operations
  • Cyber Security Incident Response
  • Up-to-date Threat Intelligence feeds

Our Managed Cyber Security Service Key Features:

  • 24/7 Manage, Detect and Respond (MDR) Service
  • Fast detection and Response – we respond to cyber attacks in minutes, not days
  • Continuous detection and response across network and endpoints
  • Leadless Threat Hunting
  • Scalability – small to large enterprises
  • Orchestrated incident response
  • Root cause analysis
  • Dedicated incident response lead
  • Weekly/Monthly Reports on cyber incidents
  • $1Million in Breach Warranty included

Cyber security is the core of today’s digital economy

Nuformat provides cybersecurity services that protects small and medium businesses from continually evolving cyber security threats.

Why businesses need Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Security Services?

As businesses continue to their journey towards digital transformation adoption, they are exposed to new digital threats.

3 key benefits why business need to use a MDR Services Provider

#1 Get Peace of Mind

It’s ON 24/7 365

Businesses are faced with continuous cyber threats and attacks. MDR service provides 24/7 365 Security Operation Centre, protecting businesses from these continuous cyber threats and attacks. A team of highly skilled security professional monitors and response to cyber treats that may appear in a business. This is cyber security is enabled for your business on holidays, vacations, time-off or sick leave.

MDR service provides peace of mind to the business owner that their security is in good hands.

0 Hours
24/7 MDR service - it's always on so you don't have to worry
0 Days
Avg. Dwell Time - time a hacker spends inside a business undetected

#2 Saves your business Money

The Economics – How much does an In-house SOC cost to Build and Operate?

For a small and medium business to operate its own Security Operation Centre requires high capital and operating expenses. To operate well equipped 24/7 SOC, a minimum team of 8 security professionals is needed. These professionals have to be paid, trained and retained in a very competitive market.

Here’s the math on costs to DIY (Do-It-Yourself);

8x security professionals, ave. annual salary @ $100k

Require operating budget per annum = 8x $100k = $800,000

Security tools, ave. cost = $100,000

Total cost per year = $900,000

Add the operating cost and capital expense costs and it around $900,000/year to do it yourself.

This becomes the #2 compelling reason to outsource the security operations to a managed security provider like us.

#3 Frees up valuable business IT Resources

Small and Medium Businesses may have IT staff but don’t have a dedicated in-house cybersecurity team. This means the IT staff is over stretched to meet existing IT demands and also fend off cyber threats. Also, due to stretched human resoucres, cyber threats can fall through the cracks. This miss can lead to a cyber incident which can be very costly for a businesss.

Manager Detection and Response (MDR) service solves this problem and provide 24/7 cyber threat detection and response capability for the business. It’s like having your own Security Operations teams working for the business.  MDR services provides the necessary security tools and resources needs for proper security operations without adding headcount or cost expenditures. In the end, the business cyber risk is greatly reduced.

What is the MDR (Manage, Detect, Response) service?

Our MDR service provides 24/7 eyes on threats for small and medium business environments. Whether in the cloud, on-premises, or at remote locations, your MDR service assures threat handling and containment.

While a managed security service focuses on detecting and altering threats, a Managed Detection and Respond Service (MDRS) takes this to new levels with:

  • Live threat hunting
  • Intelligence such as IoA (Indicators of Activity) and IoC (Indicators of Compromise)
  • Threat containment
  • Incident reporting and post activity report

Cyber criminals never stop. We don’t either. Secure your business with MDR service in minutes, not hours or days.

MDR Service Level Targets

0 Minutes
Threat Case Creation – 2 minutes from Threat Detection
0 Minutes
Target Time for Initial Incident Response

On board MDR Services in minutes

Your business get the protection its needs with our Quick On boarding process. It only takes a few minutes and your business start to avail the benefits of 24/7 MDR services.

10 minutes boarding

For a small business we can achieve the on boarding in 10 minutes.

Get started today. Contact us.

0 Minutes

Start 24/7 MDR service in 4 easy steps

Step 1: Sign up for MDR service (the contract)

Step 2: Schedule deployment date

Step 3: Install MDR agent on Endpoints

Step 4: Attend MDR service On-boarding call

For a small business we can achieve the on boarding in 10 minutes.

Get started today. Contact us.

Who should use MDR service?

MDR service is ideal for businesses that;

1: Do not have dedicated IT security team

2: Have limited IT team

3: Large businesses that want security for their environment

For a small business we can achieve the on boarding in 10 minutes.

Get started today. Contact us.

How much does MDR service cost?

24/7 Managed Detect Response MDR Service
Per user per month. Whats included in the service
Powered by Sophos MDR
Instant Security Operations Center (SOC)
24/7 Threat Monitoring and Response
Full-Scale Incident Response
Expert-Led Threat Hunting
Keep the Cybersecurity Software You Already Have
Direct Call-in Support
Dedicated Incident Response Lead
Root Cause Analysis
Threat Containment
Intelligence Briefings: “Sophos MDR ThreatCast”
Weekly and Monthly Reporting
Breach Protection Warranty

Big Protection for Small Businesses

Our comprehensive cyber security services are customized to your needs and budget. Visit our small business hub to see how to wrap your business in our blanket of cyber security solutions.

Why Us?

Best in class security product portfolio.

State-of-the-art Security Ops Centre (SOC) provide 24/7 365 MDR service.

Fast detection and response.

No long term contracts (monthly billing)