Small and Medium Business Sectors


Digital World

SMB are fast adopting digital technologies that enable business efficiencies. This evident by taking a look around us and we see that businesses are heavily reliant on digital technologies. While this brings an increase in efficiency, its also opening the door to new digital threats. Each sectors can have its own threat land scape and we customize our solutions to match the sector requirement.

Our cybersecurity solutions are geared to solve these problems for the SMBs. SMBs operate in many diverse sectors and our goal is to service where ever they need us. We would encourage your business to contact us regarding your cybersecurity requirements. Taking action is the first step to getting your business secured and insuring your business risks are minimized.

Small and Medium Business Industry Sectors


All schools, this is a great time to get your cybersecurity posture beefed up. Schools have private information about students as well as other confidential information such as billing information that cybercriminals can exploit.

Enable the right cybersecurity solutions can reduce the risk and can protect the private information of students from getting in the hands of the bad guys.

We help secure;

Private Schools

Community Colleges


Focus institutions (IT, coding, other fields)

Financial Services

Your clients trust and deserve the best security for their money and information. In an always-on and connected cyber world, cyber threats and attacks can come from anywhere at any time.

We help provide continuous detection and protection to your financial services using the best technology and people. Safe guard your clients and stay out the head line news.

We provide cybersecurity services and solutions to the Financial Sector that include;


Credit Unions

CPA Accounting and Tax firms

Insurance firms

Investment firms

Mortgage firms.

Financial Sector under increased threat and cyber breach frequency is on the rise. We help mitigate the business risk by providing adequate cybersecurity monitoring and security controls, without impacting the core business.

We specialize in:

  • Security assessments
  • Continuous monitoring & maintenance
  • Compliance
  • Security products

Connect with our experts and get your Financial Business Secured Now and complied!

ISO27001 compliance


There is no place to hide. Cyber attacks can have devastating impact on medical services and information loss.

We help secure the medical service centres and hospitals from cyber attacks.

Get secure and HIPAA complied now!

Get Complied:

HIPAA Compliance


We now well into the 4th Industrial revolution, Industry 4.0, The Digital age.

Digital transformation is going to bring increase efficiencies in all aspects of manufacturing businesses, however, the digital transformations are also going to introduce new cyberthreats and risks to businesses. Going digital means hackers can now disrupt business operations resulting in downtime and lost revenues.

Businesses are also susceptible to intellectual  property data loss if they’ve restrained from cybersecurity investments.

We help secure the manufacturing sector businesses and help keep the lights on and business running smoothly, while keeping the business good name out of the spot light.


Anywhere there is private information being stored, they’re prime targets for cyberattacks. Memorial services sector is yet another sector that is of interest and incur damage from cybersecurity breaches.

Proper cybersecurity protection should be place to securely make transactions and also store very important client data that can be used in time of need. We can provide the protection and monitoring need for Memorial services sector and reduce the business risk significantly.

Businesses try to focus on their expertise while we focus on securing their business from the continuous cyberthreats.


Deep below the depths of the soil, mining is underway to lay the foundations for the manufacturing ingredients that will shape our world above ground. Yet, they’re not immune to cyberthreats and cybercrime that can have a major impact on mining operations. Business can disrupted by bad actors that can take control of mining robots or exfiltrate critical mining data and hold a business ransom.

Wether you’re a small exploration mining company or junior producer or a mid tier producer or a major producer, the cybersecurity should be to a critical component of the business to insure reduced business risk. With resource contraints abound, and IT staff over loaded, we are here to him and provide state-of-the-art cybersecurity for your mining business, regardless of size.

Don’t delay, get secured and have peace of mind that you have your business risk reduced by having us be your cybersecurity guardians.


Protect your Online Business from cyber attacks. 40% of SMB are unable to recover after a cyber attack.

We are here to help your Online Businesses get the protection it needs and to keep the bad guys out.

Get your E-store secure and PCI complied now!

Get Complied:

PCI DSS compliance

Cyber security Guide

Gov of Canada:

Cyber security guide for  Small and Medium Businesses

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