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What would you do if your systems and data were held hostage by cyber criminals?

It sounds like something from a movie, but unprotected small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) find themselves in this nightmare every day. Nuformat’s cyber security solutions safeguard your business’ assets and your clients’ trust by keeping cyber criminals out.

Cyber Security is the CORE of Digital Economy of Today

Nuformat provides cybersecurity services that protects small and medium businesses in multiple sectors from continually evolving cyber security threats in a transforming digital world.

Your Cyber Security is Our Mission

Reduce your Business Risk

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of Cyber Attacks target SMBs. We monitor your environment 24/7 365 days a year to protect you from malware like Ransomware, Phishing attacks and more.

Preventing Revenue Loss

$ 0

is the average cost of cyber breach for SMB. We thwart this and save you money with cost-effective security options.

Guard your Business’s Reputation

A breach can destroy your clients trust in you in an instant. We help your business take great efforts to safe guard their information.

Enabling Business Differentiator

While other businesses are cutting corners on security, your business can Standout from the pack and uphold your customers trust.

Discover how managed cyber security services can enhance your business.

Your business added security 24x7x365

All businesses need cyber security but resources are hard to get and costly

Our round the clock managed security service adds security without your business adding headcount

Evenings, weekends, sick days and vacations, we got your back!

Our managed security goes beyond just threat detection, we stop it once detected

Security simplified

Single-pane-of-glass management for all your business security

Enhances not just security but also increase business efficiency

Protection from Ransomware:

Basic Anti-virus don’t stand a chance against advanced Ransomware.

Every 11 seconds a business falls victom to a Ransomware cyber attack.

Our next-gen security solutions to minimize business risk from Ransomware.

Destress from the cyber threats and focus on your business.

You cannot protect what you cannot see:

Gain complete visibility in your business environment

Application control, cloud visibility, Data Loss Prevention

Small business hub

for cyber security

Our comprehensive cyber security is custom fitted to your small business needs and budget. Visit our small business hub to see how we wrap your business in our cyber blanket. Our solution is designed for simplicity, effectiveness and efficiency that will fit your business.

We are

cyber security at your service.

We help small and medium businesses to


Security Assessment is 1st step starting cybersecurity journey with us. This identifies gaps in security and prepare an action plan.

Network Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

Penetration testing

Web Application Scan

Social Engineering

Virtual CISO


Based on security assessment recommendations, we protect businesses using necessary security controls. Each is customized to match the industry requirements and follow best practices for layered security solution.

Security Controls:

Next-Gen Firewalls, Endpoint Security, Email protection

Wifi protection, Mobile protection, Cloud App (o365/Gsuite)

Web Application Security

Security in Public Cloud:  AWS, Azure


Every business deserves best in class cyber security. Our managed security service provides complete managed threat response from monitoring, detection, and incident response for SMBs. This enables businesses to focus on what they do best while we provide for their security needs.

Managed Security Service

Security Operations-as-a-service

24x7x365 Continuous Security Monitoring

Mange, Detect and Respond (MDR)

Orchestrated Incident Response


Business that need to comply with government regulations or compliance standards can find it to be daunting task. We help businesses navigate the complex compliance maze and define path to compliance.





Cyber security awareness training touches the human element of security. Business employees can actively contribute towards reducing risk of cyber attacks by knowing how to recognize malicious tricks of hackers. Our approach is simple and effective four step process. Also, we advance cyber security workforce skills.

Assess Security Awareness


Test Learning

Review Results

Advance Cyber Security Skills

Why use Nuformat?

Business enhancing cyber security services and solutions

We enhance your business with cyber security services to:

  • Reduce Business Risk

  • Protect Business Reputation

  • Prevent Revenue Loss

  • Differentiate Business

Cyber Security for Small and Medium Business

  • Our focus is to serve SMB

  • No business is too small for us

  • We believer every business should have access to top quality cyber security

Managed cyber security services

  • We never take a break. 24x7x365 managed security services for your business

  • We have the technology and people to deliver fully managed cyber security

  • Our goal is that you focus on your business and let us focus on your security

Ready to Enhance your business with cyber security and uphold the Trust of your clients!

Reach out to us and start your cybersecurity journey now.