What is MDR service?

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Managed Detection and Response MDR – What is it anyway?

Business are fast embracing digital technologies to improve their efficiencies. This new digital transformation although is great for business, but it also opens the door for continuous cyber threats and attacks on their digital environments.

To help secure the business, IT teams are deploying security controls to protect themselves from cyber threats and attacks. Yet even with these new security controls in place, the hackers are able evade or circumvent the protections and inflict damages to the business.

Dwell Time – Average 51 Days

Hackers are spending 51 Days inside businesses before detection. This is Dwell Time. While they’re inside the business, they continue to build map of the critical components of the business just so they can inflict maximum damage when the time is right.

Managed Detection and Response MDR

Managed Detection and Response MDR is a new service that takes in data from various entities in the business and then applies AI/Machine Learning to detect anomalies which would have otherwise been missed. After a detection has been found a Human led response is initiated to stop the cyber threat from incurring further damage to the business. This can also include cyber threat hunting in the business to find Indicators of compromise (IoC)s.

How often does MDR service work?

MDR is delivered by a very advanced cybersecurity team that operates 24/7 365s. This service is provided to the business so that they don’t have to build an entire cyber security team and tools for the same protection.

Businesses that do not have the MDR service are fast adopting it. Businesses that have their own cyber security teams are also fast adopting MDR services since it add the extra set of eyes and hands to their cybersecurity teams.

4 main benefits are achieved by having MDR service;

  1. Enhance Cybersecurity – business’s cybersecurity posture is greatly augmented
  2. Peace of mind – MDR service operates 24/7 365 days and helps ease away the anxiety of cyber threats
  3. Add tech headcount – MDR service adds added cybersecurity headcount without having to invest in new personnel
  4. Cost Efficient – MDR service is far more cost efficient than DIY cyber security

Our MDR service is available for businesses.

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