What is a Security Operations Centre (SOC) as a Service?

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What is Security Operation Centre (SOC)-as-a-Service?

Cybersecurity is achieved by combining PEOPLE, TECHNOLOGY and PROCESSES.


A Security Operations Centre (SOC) embodies this principal and is a centralized security centre that is dedicated to monitor and respond to cybersecurity threats and attacks around the clock.

The SOC needs skilled and trained cybersecurity staff who are monitoring and responding to security events and incidents. These are PEOPLE of cybersecurity principal.


The PROCESS is where all of the above PEOPLE and TECHNOLOGY work in a well orchestrated flow to contain complex cybersecurity incidents.

Every company or business should have a SOC to help protect their business from continuous cyberattacks. This requires spending CAPEX to build the SOC tools (Technology), hire trained staff, and setup proper processes. These are daunting tasks for any business.

We help take away the complexity of a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) SOC by providing a SOC-as-a-service to your business. This a ready packaged solution that fits you business needs and custom sized for that reason. And we do this a fraction of the cost in comparison to DIY option.  The scary thought of cybersecurity enablement is take away.


The TECHNOLOGY behind a SOC is made up of many complex component. These may include platforms and applications such as;

  • Security Incident and Event Management System (SIEM)
  • Threat intelligence systems/feeds
  • Asset Discovery
  • Vulnerability Assessments

Our goal is that we take on the complex cybersecurity SOC operations and let you focus on your business.

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