Managed Detection and Response MDR – 3 small letters that will enhance your business

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24/7 MDR service is a business enhancer 🚀

How you may ask❓️

➡️ It’s ON 24/7 – relax have and have peace of mind knowing that you have the best security working to protect your business day and night

➡️ Saves your business cost of building and operating your own Security Operations Centre (SOC), costing over $800,000/yr

How does the math add up, we’ve explained it here.

➡️ Can free up your IT and Security team resources by offload threat investigations or taking on all night shift work

If your business already has a dedicated SOC team, they can greatly benefit from our MDR service by having a SOC ready to go and assist with cyber threat hunt investigation, or even take on the entire response.

For businesses that do not have their own dedicated Security Operation Centre (SOC), they can most definitely benefit from MDR services since it enables 24/7 security right away. It’s a Must-have for these business.

➡️ Can help reduce Cybersecurity Insurance premiums

With the rise in cybersecurity threats and attacks, its no surprise that Cybersecurity insurance service providers are looking for strict qualifying requirement. Having MDR service will check alot of the requirements and will make it much easier to get qualified for cybersecurity insurance.harder to

➡️ Includes $1,000,000 Breach Warranty, that can offset breach expenses
When confronting a major cyber attack, that last thing your business needs to worry about is if it afford the cyber response teams to come onboard and resolve the issue. Breach Warranty will certainly help with this. Contact us for details about the MDR Breach Warranty.

➡️ Easy month-to-month billing

Long term contracts are a thing of the past with us. We’re confident of our services and therefore have a open month to month service term. We know you’ll be overly satisfied and will want more.

➡️ Who can benefit from Cybersecurity As A Service?

✅️ Enterprise businesses that already have their own SOC and want to offload cybersecurity investigations or have a 2nd set of eyes 👀 on their environment

✅️ Small and Medium businesses that do not have a dedicated cybersecurity team and want someone to take care of their cybersecurity for them

➡️ MDR service is a business must have for every business

Contact us to get started with MDR Services today.

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