Security Assessments

The first step to fixing a problem is knowing the problem.

Your business’ security posture is its overall state of cyber security readiness, including its software, hardware, networks, and the quality of current controls. Nuformat puts your security posture under the microscope to identify areas of concern and reduce your risk from cyber threats.

Key Security Assessment services includes:

  • Network Vulnerability Assessment
  • Mobile App Security Assessment
  • Network Penetration testing
  • Web Application Pen Test
  • Code Assessment
  • Social Engineering
  • Enterprise Security Risk Assessment
  • Vendor Assessments or 3rd Party Risk Assessments

Find the gaps in your security posture before the cyber hacker discovers them

Asset Discovery

Asset Discovery is key component of cybersecurity since your cannot protect what you can not see. We achieve complete visibility of your business assests. Once this information is know we can any identify there cyber threat state.

Vulnerability Management

Asset discovery and Vulnerability Management work like hand-and-glove. Asset discovery 1st identify the asset inventory of your business. Next Vulnerability scan identifies each assets vulnerability state by correlating it with Threat Intelligence feed. Empowered with this information we enable business to build a plan to address the high risk vulnerabilities in their assets. This approach helps reduce business risk.

Penetration Testing

Network Penetration Test

Network penetration test validates perimeter security for your business. This can include WIFI networks that facilitate BYOD devices.

Web Application Pen Test:

Web Application Pen Test service is to ensure your Web application is secure from cyber attacks. This includes OSWAP Top 10 verification.

Enterprise Security Risk Assessment:

This is a comprehensive review of your entire business security and not just a subset system. Through our consultation your business will receive a comprehensive report on improvements required for your business to reduce business risk.

Vendor Assessments or 3rd Party Risk Assessments:

As a businesses grows, it establishes partnerships with our suppliers and vendor to help with delivery of its services and solutions. Although his brings great value to the business, it also open the door to cybertheats that can originate from a business vendor or 3rd party with whom you’re partnered. We help your business assess your vendors and ensure that your business is risk aware and can make sound partnership without exposing itself to cyberthreats from your vendors.

Why Use Us?

Assess your business security posture and fill in the gaps before they are exploited by the bad guys.