Security Assessment

Security Assessment

With a multi pronged approach to Security Assessment, we enable instant visibility about your assets assessments and their vulnerability status of both on-premise and cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP) environments.

It all begins with Asset Discovery. In order to protect, we first determine what and where you’re assets are deployed. Upon deployment, our sensors detect and report all assets via discovery in a consolidated single-panel of glass. No more guessing needed on Assets.

Vulnerability Assessments is a  continuous process. We enable active and passive Vulnerability Assessment on your assets. Vulnerabilities once identified can be actioned appropriately. The objective of Vulnerability Assessments is to reduce business risk by find security exposures before a cyber attach does and exploits it.

Penetration Testing aka Ethical Hacking aka Red Teaming service is available to give you the assurance that no backdoor is left open and the security controls in place are preforming optimally as well as the policies and procedures are being followed. This is a comprehensive list barrage of tests performed by Ethical hacking team with proper business permissions who’s goal is the break the business security. Identifying areas of exposure in this was enables time to remedy the situation and prevent outsiders from taking advantage of it.

Web Application Scanning service is to ensure your Web application is secure from cyber attacks. This includes OSWAP Top 10 verification.

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Our Security Assessment includes:

  • Asset Discovery
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Penetration testing
  • Web Application Scanning

So Why Us?

Discovery of Asset base.

Continuous Vulnerability Assessment.

PEN test to validate security controls.

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