InfoSec Cybersecurity Foundations Course

Cybersecurity training begins with a good understanding of basics of OSs, networking and other related topics. This course will help develop a good foundation upon which you can build your cybersecurity skills.

This course is MUST HAVE prerequisite for anyone at beginner level  wanting to start cybersecurity bootcamp courses.

Learn about cyber security concepts in the workplace.

An introduction to cyber security foundations. This course is a blend of lecture and hands-on exercises. We utilize the Infosec Skills platform courses and cyber ranges here to give a true introduction to the learner. This Learning Path is set apart by its slow pace and hands-on exercises for managed cyber security services. Learners receive guidance on how to use the Skills platform in order to continue to grow past this course.

Course is designed for anyone who is wanting start career in cybersecurity

› Anyone who is planning to start a cybersecurity bootcamp course, like, Ethical Hacking training

Anyone who is not directly involved in cybersecurity practice, but is indirectly involved. For example, cybersecurity auditors.

The course is taught online via Self paced learning.

Pre-recorded instructor videos are available to learn at your own pace. Along with ready cyber range for hand-on practice..

e-Course material and labs are available to students for the duration of the subscription term (1 year).

The course is taught by cyber security industry expert, Keatron Evans.

› Keatron Evans is InfoSec cybersecurity Research Partner and have many years of experience in cybersecurity ethical hacking and incident response.

Come learn from industry experienced instructors!

› SELF-PACED ONLINE:  The course is available 100% online with access to labs for hands on practice.

Corporate Team:

Annual subscription to the online course give access to bundle of courses year round. We can have these course available for your cyber security teams, who can learn at their on own pace.

When they’re ready to one bootcamp and get certified, we can enrol them in their bootcamp course of choice.

Contact us for Corporate Team pricing.


Annual subscription to the online course give access to bundle of courses year round. We can have these course available for you and you  can learn at your own pace.

When you’re ready to start a bootcamp and get certified, we can enrol you in the bootcamp course of choice.

Annual Subscription cost is $660USD

InfoSec Cybersecurity Foundations course – Key Features

› Self-paced online course: Learn at your own pace anytime anywhere

› Labs: Access to labs for hands-on practice

› Course material: e-courseware for 1 year

› Cybersecurity Foundation topics:  Learn foundations needed for advanced cybersecurity bootcamp courses!

› Expert Instructor: Course is taught by industry expert instructors with years of hands-on experience

› Online Library: Have access to entire online training course library. Learning never stops.

InfoSec Cybersecurity Foundations Course –  Key Topics

Module   1: Intro to cybersecurity foundations

Module   2: Cybersecurity foundations

Module   3: Operating system foundations

Module   4: Windows command line foundations

Module   5: Linux command line foundations

Module   6: Network fundamentals

Module 7: Cloud computing fundamentals

Module 8: Cybersecurity policy framework and guidelines

Module 9: Cybersecurity auditing

Module 10: Risk management

Module 11: Pentest demonstration: Appetizer for the beginner

Why start a Cybersecurity Foundations course?

You’ve decided to embark on a career in Cybersecurity field. Great!  As with any careers, to get good in any skills set, you need to have good foundations. With a good foundation and our INFOSEC boot camp courses, you can further build on top of it. Same is the case with Cyber security skills. With our Cybersecurity foundations course, it lays the basic knowledge own which you can build more advanced cybersecurity skills that are used in Ethical Hacking, Security Operations Centers (SOCs Analyst) and more.

Advanced Cybersecurity bootcamp course assume that you have a good foundations in cybersecurity knowledge. They tend to have a high velocity of information in a short period of time, which means, they don’t slow down for basics.  If your basics are weak, then you’ll be distracted trying to do basic functions where as the instructor is expecting you to focus on advanced skill they teaching. Hence there’s a good chance to miss out on the quality instruction you’ve paid for.

This course helps to prepare you with basics in computing and reinforces them with hand-on exercise. The goal is that you have the these skills at your fingers tips and are ready to take on advance cybersecurity skills trainings.

InfoSec Cybersecurity Foundations course

Learning Method: Self-paced online

$660 USD 

Where do you from here?

You’re on a great start with Cybersecurity Foundations course. Where do you go from here?

You’re now ready to take on a training path of your choice. We can help provide the guidance on what cybersecurity course to take next.

We can follow NICE framework that maps industry cybersecurity job roles to specific cybersecurity training. Contact us and we’ll share the NICE framework and get you started on the right path.

InfoSec Accredited Training Partner

We’re and Authorised and Accredited InfoSec Training Partner. We specialize in providing InfoSec cybersecurity skills development and InfoSec Security Awareness Training for Corporations and Individuals. 

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