Ransomware Prevention Tips

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US has declared Cyber security state of emergency on May 10, 2021 following cyber attack on US pipe line company.

This puts great emphasis on businesses that are lagging behind cyber security to start taking action and implement a robust solution as soon as possible.

Ransomware attack can happen to any size business, big or small. Smaller businesses are at great disadvantage since they don’t have dedicated security teams to detect and respond to such cyber attacks like ransomware.

NIST has issued guidance on steps needed to prevent a Ransomware attack. And they are as follows;

  1. Business should have Anti-Malware installed on all devices, PCs, Mac, servers
  2. Keep computer patches updated
  3. Block access to Ransomware site
  4. Allow only Authorized APPs
  5. Restrict Personally-Owned device
  6. Use standard user accounts (ie. limit administrative privilege level accounts)
  7. Avoid using personal apps and websites – like email, chat, social media – from work computers
  8. Beware of Unknown source – Do not open files or click on links from unknown sources

Also, recommendations include to do the following;

A. Have an Incident Response Plan

B. Have Backup & Restore capability

C. Emergency contacts list for a ransomware attack


Best protection from Ransomware attack is prevention and readiness. We are here help your business fast track your ransomware preparedness by providing all of the above NIST recommendations for ransomware prevention for business. Our Managed MDR services operates 24/7

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