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Supply Chain Cyber Security

The latest Kaseya VSA supply chain cyber attacked happened on the even of July 4 long weekend, deliberately timed for maximum impact due to reduced IT security staff availability.

What is a Supply Chain cyber attack?

Cyber attackers leverage vulnerability in a ‘trusted supplier’, that already has permissions and exclusions in business’s environment. These exclusions can be leveraged by the attackers to perform malicious activity such as deploying ransomware malware.

Best practices for preventing supply chain cyber attack

So how can a business protect its self supply chain cyber attack?

5 key steps are summarized as follows;

  1. Shift from reactive to proactive cybersecurity approach:
  2. Monitor early signs of a compromise
  3. Take audit of your supply chain
  4. Assess security posture of your supplier
  5. Constant review of own cyber security hygiene

Details of supply chain security best practices are available for download here

If your business does not have a security team, we can provide 24/7 Managed Threat Response services for your business.

Reach out and a human will connect with you!

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