Managed Security Services

Managed cyber security services

Every business must have a SOC (Security Operation Centre) to ensure its applications are protected from continuous cyber threats and attacks. Very few businesses have the technical resources to operate an in-house SOC.

Not to worry, we will secure your business!

As a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) we deliver state-of-the-art security surveillance and maintenance for our clients by offloading their SOC responsibilities to us.

Our MSS operates 24x7x365 days and gives our clients peace of mind that they have the best people and technology safe guarding their business and keep it operating smoothly.

Contact us and let us help you get your business secured!

Key Features of managed cyber security service includes:

  • Continuous 24/7/365 Security Monitoring and Management across network and endpoints
  • Manage, Detect and Respond (MDR)
  • Orchestrated Incident Response
  • Threat intelligence and Advisory
  • Scalable
  • Cost Efficient

What is MDR (Manage, Detect, Response) service?

While a managed security service primitively focuses on threat detection and altering, MDR service takes it one step beyond altering and advances to respond to threats and thwarts them.

Our MDR service is available and provides the same 24×7 eyes on SMB environments. Whether they’re in the cloud or on-premises on at remote locations, your business is assured threat handling and containment.

Our MDR service greatly enhances businesses since they no longer have make vast investments or delay the security of their environment a single day. We can have your business secured with MDR security services in practically no time.

Key features of MDR:

Live threat hunting

IoA and IoC discovery

Threat containment

Incident reporting and post activity report

Why use a Managed cyber security service provider?

As businesses continue to their journey towards digital transformation adoption, they are exposed to new digital threats. There are 3 main reasons why a businesses are resorting to Managed Security Service Provider;

Hard to get security resources:

Given the fast pace of digital transformation adoption and change in technologies, the market has been left short handed of cybersecurity professionals. There just are’nt enough experienced cybersecurity people to go around. At last count the shortage estimate was at 3MM professional shortage.

Due to this, its practically impossible to find cybersecurity professionals. And when there is short supply and high demand, the cost to acquire such talent goes up.

Using a MSSP alleviates this problem since they have a team of professional cybersecurity staff on-hand.

Lack of in-house expertise:

Another reason is that SMBs that have IT staff don’t have security team in-house to staff and the existing IT staff is already stretched to meet existing IT demands. Managed security services providers bridges the resource gap by providing the necessary security tools and resources needs for proper security operations.

High CAPEX for setup of in-house SOC:

Operating an in-house requires a huge upfront CAPEX expense to obtain the necessary security infrastructure. In addition, the security staff needs to be kelp well up to date with trainings.

For a small and medium business to operate its own Security Operation Centre requires but high capital and operating expense.

To man a 24×7 well equipped SOC, a minimum team of 8 security professionals is needed.

These professionals have to paid, trained and retained in a very completive market.

The cost calculations are as follows;

8x security professionals, ave. annual salary @ $100k

Require operating budget per annum = 8x $100k = $800,000

This becomes the #3 compelling reason to outsource the security operations to a managed security provide like us.

What is Security Operation Centre as a service?

Cybersecurity is achieved by combining PEOPLE, TECHNOLOGY and PROCESSES.


A Security Operations Centre (SOC) embodies this principal and is a centralized security centre that is dedicated to monitor and respond to cybersecurity threats and attacks around the clock.

The SOC needs skilled and trained cybersecurity staff who are monitoring and responding to security events and incidents. These are PEOPLE of cybersecurity principal.


The PROCESS is where all of the above PEOPLE and TECHNOLOGY work in a well orchestrated flow to contain complex cybersecurity incidents.

Every company or business should have a SOC to help protect their business from continuous cyberattacks. This requires spending CAPEX to build the SOC tools (Technology), hire trained staff, and setup proper processes. These are daunting tasks for any business.

We help take away the complexity of a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) SOC by providing a SOC-as-a-service to your business. This a ready packaged solution that fits you business needs and custom sized for that reason. And we do this a fraction of the cost in comparison to DIY option.  The scary thought of cybersecurity enablement is take away.


The TECHNOLOGY behind a SOC is made up of many complex component. These may include platforms and applications such as;

  • Security Incident and Event Management System (SIEM)
  • Threat intelligence systems/feeds
  • Asset Discovery
  • Vulnerability Assessments

Our goal is that we take on the complex cybersecurity SOC operations and let you focus on your business.

Our Security Operation Centres (SOCs) serving you 24x7x365

Our Managed security services are powered by our geographically diversified State-of-the-art Security Ops Centres (SOCs) operating 24x7x365.

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