Why medical dotors clinics need cybersecurity now

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Why Dotors Clinic need cybersecurity

Dotors clinic are high paced environments that require close to 100% update while patients are visiting for treatment. A vital component of doctors clinics is accessibility to patient Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

Many EMR service providers host their information in the cloud or provide access via Virtual Desktop tools, such as Citrix Workspace.

It is the responsibility of the Dotor/owner of the clinic to take adequate security measures to safe guard their systems from cyber threats and attacks.

Enter Managed Security Services provider.

Leveraging a Managed Security Services provider, the doctor can provide a multilayered security solution, without have to hire dedicated IT staff and also investing dedicated cyber security resources.

In Summary, 4 main benefits are realized for the doctor’s clinc by utilizing a managed security service provider.

  1. No upfront capital expenditure needed (no CAPEX)
  2. Round the clock coverage – 24/7 threat detection and response
  3. No dedicated IT staff needed
  4. Can focus on treatment of patients vs treatment of own IT concerns

If you’re running a healthcare service, the same rule apply to you as well. These include dental clinics, pharmacy’s, medical labs, optometrists, and other healthcare businesses.

Our services are geared for healthcare industry so you can focus on your patients and not have to worry about cyber risks like cyber threats and attacks.

We can start with complete security assessment and impletement a phased deployment plan to enhance your businesses cyber security posture. Do this before it’s too late.

We’re happy to help at short notice. Contact us to get started.

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