Looking for an alternate to replace McAfee

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McAfee recently announced the sale of it Enterprise division and we are helping customers with an alternate solution. This is an enterprise grade next-gen anti-malware solution that has state of the art XDR capability. XDR is a high sought after feature and better yet its available to all McAfee Enterprise customers.

Our next-gen endpoint security will amaze you with it fully cloud managed capability and built in reporting to keep you updated with active threats and events that have been remediated.

We further augment the next-gen anti-malware XDR offering with 24/7 threat detection and response capability. With this service add on, we can work autonomously to stop potential cyber threats in end points.

Also, our professional services team can take care of the migration so your existing IT team is not further loaded with another project. This a great opportunity for us to help your business be secured in this transition process. We are here to stay.

Reach out to us and we’ll get you started on migration from McAfee to our preferred enhanced security solution. Contact us.

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