Threat Hunting – why businesses need it

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Consider a business that has endpoint security tools. Should they stop there? The Answer is No. They need something more and what is that? Introducing Threat Hunting.

What is Threat Hunting?

Threat Hunting is the process of search and discovery of malicious actors in a business’s estate that have evaded security controls. The search is done on information (security telemetry) that is gathered from various sources such as endpoints, network firewalls, emails and others.

Why is Threat Hunting a must have for every business?

In addition to security controls, a business should be doing threat hunting on it’s estate. Threat hunting can protect it from advanced threats that have evaded their security controls. Once a hacker has evaded security controls, like Anti-Malware tool, they can dwell undetected in the business’s estate for long periods of time. Hackers use this time to discover and collect as mush information about the victim’s environment as possible, before they inflict a final blow, such as deploying ransomware.

Its therefore imperative that every business, regardless of size, should have a dedicated security team that is performing regular threat hunts.

Threat Hunt solution 

To enable threat hunting solution, there are 2 solutions available for any business;

OPTION #1: Build In-House threat hunting security team

This is great if the business can afford the addition costs of building an in-house 24/7 threat hunting security team.

OPTION #2: Retain a Managed Threat Hunting service provider

If the business does not have the capability to build an in-house threat hunting security team, a 2nd option is to have a managed threat hunting service provider deliver do it for them. This has great cost saving for the business and it can focus on what it does best.


Our recommendation for businesses is that it must have 24/7 threat hunting enabled. If it does not have the capability of in-house threat hunting, then reach out to us and we can help facilitate the manage threat hunting services for your business.

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