Why is Ethical Hacking important for any size business?

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Are all hackings bad?  No. There is a good side to hacking called Ethical Hacking.

Ethical Hacking aims to help business reduce risk by;

  1. Finding security holes in their environment
  2. Improving on detection security processes and procedures
  3. Train security teams to think like a hacker

Every business has security tool or controls in place to protect itself (…if your’s does’nt, we need to talk ASAP!). But how do you know if they’re actually working or if there’s security hole that can lead to security breach. This is where Ethical Hacking comes into play. Ethical hackers taken on an offense role, with authorization from the business of course, to try and break through the security measures before the bad guys do. They use the same tricks and techniques as an actual hacker would to circumvent security. The business can use the findings of the security holes found by the ethical hacker to prevent these from occurring and hence reduce the business risk significantly.

Businesses can use the feedback from the ethical hacking to improve on their BLUE TEAM security detection and prevention processes. This means if their internal security was unable to detect the friendly infiltration, they can go back and review where the miss occurred and fix the process so it does not happen in future.

Training the cyber security team for an organization in Ethical Hacking techniques is very important since the security team and learn to think like a hacker and design the security to prevent hacking breaches.

Ethical hacking is also known by other names such as penetration testing or white hat hacking. These are good guys help to secure your business.

Black hat hackers are the bad folks want to hacker for not so good reasons!

If you’re team needs Ethical Hacking services (aka security assessment, penetration testing) or need to train your cyber security team in ethical hacking, please contact us.

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