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Certified Ethical Hacker Course – CEH

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What’s it about?

Spend a day diving into the world of penetration testing with one of the world’s most sought after trainers and practitioners; Keatron Evans, who’s also the most recent recipient of EC Council’s Instructor of Excellence award.

What you’ll learn:

We’re going to do a deep dive interactive walk though of the phases of a hack

Who should attend:

  1. CISO
  2. CIO
  3. CEO
  4. Cyber security professionals/enthusiasts

Topics we’ll cover:

1. Reconnaissance

Find out how the attackers will discover you and your organization using OSINT and other techniques and tools.

2. Scanning and Enumeration

Find out why there’s so much mentioning of tools like Nmap and Hping3 with hands on tutorials and walkthroughs.

3. Exploitation – System Hacking

Find out how we move from scanning to vulnerability mapping and eventual exploitation or “owning” and taking over your systems.

4. Privilege Escalation and Horizontal Movement

Learn how we move from our initial entry point to a point of higher privilege and access, then start to “pivot” to other parts of your organization.

5. Maintained Access and Covert Exfiltration

Learn exactly how the threat actors will give themselves persistence and find creative ways to move your data out of your environment into areas they control.

6. Covering Tracks and Cleanup

What do attackers do to make it hard or impossible for you to prove they were there? Learn how!

Our Speaker

Keatron Evans

Managing Partner, KM Cyber Security LLC

Keatron Evans is regularly engaged in training, consulting, penetration testing and incident response for government, Fortune 50 and small businesses.

In addition to being the lead author of the best selling book, Chained Exploits: Advanced Hacking Attacks from Start to Finish, you will see Keatron on major news outlets such as CNN, Fox News and others on a regular basis as a featured analyst concerning cybersecurity events and issues.

For years, Keatron has worked regularly as both an employee and consultant for several intelligence community organizations on breaches and offensive cybersecurity and attack development. Keatron also provides world class training for the top training organizations in the industry, including Infosec Skills live boot camps and on-demand training.

keatron evans