Upgrade your Sophos XG firewall to the new Sophos Firewall XGS

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05.05.2021 This marks the date when the Sophos next-gen firewall appliances got super charged.

Introducing the new Sophos Firewall XGS series.  Same look from the out side, but brand new inside.

What does this mean for you:

A more power full next-gen firewall that is powerful enough to handle the loads for cyber threat protection, like TLS decryption, Web filtering, IPS scanning, Advanced Threat Protection and much more.

Key features:

Dual processor architecture, with dual multicore processors;

  1. Dedicated Multi-core CPU for deep-packet inspection, and
  2. Dedicated Xstream flow processor for application acceleration

Multifold increase performance and throughputs from legacy models.

Full details of the new Sophos Firewall XGS are here, Full Sophos Firewall details

You’ll most certainly feel the difference. Full feature list

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