Partner Program

Here’s how it works:

1. Sign-on new clients for our Managed Security Services

2. 10% flat-fee commission on 24 month term

How to get started on your partnership journery:

1. Submit request to partner

2. Complete partner training

3. Start selling

How we support you:

1. Provide sales materials, such brochures, pollo shirts and business cards

2. Sales support on client calls

3. Closing the deal

4. Celebrate our success with you – receive your commissions

Here’s a sampling of how our partners can build their revenue streams:

Client sign-on for MSSP service 24 month term

10 new clients signed on with 24 month term

Approx commission paid per client = $1,000 @ 10% commission per client, assuming $10,000/yr MSSP service contract deal

Total commission paid x 10 client = $10,000