Incident Response for businesses

Is your business experiencing an active cyber attack?

Every second counts

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What to do immediately:

  1. DO NOT Power down effected device
  2. Disconnect all network cables
  3. Shut down wifi router
  4. Call us ASAP

We are on standby – 24/7

We are ready to provide remote assistance for the active cyber attack on;

Weekdays, Evening, Weekends, Holidays



When you call, the first step is to go through Onboarding process.

Here we gather your business info, review the incident and prepare engagement next steps.

Time is critical and we want to help your business as fast as possible to respond to the cyber incident.

This process takes approximately 2 hours from the time you call us.


Engagement Authorization

After triage process is complete, we’ll complete the engagement agreement and begin  incident response work.

The engagement clear and concise scope, flat fixed rate, so there are not surprises.

Our goal is start the engagement ASAP, since time is critical to respond effectively.

How it works

Upon engagement approval, there are 4 main stages of incident response;

Onboarding stage has the following tasks:

  • Kick-off call to establish communication preference and confirm what (if any) remediation steps have been taken
  • Identify the scale and impact of the attack
  • Mutually define response plan
  • Start deploying service software

Triage stage has the following tasks:

  • Assess operating environment
  • Identify known indicators of compromise or adversarial activity
  • Perform data collection and initiate activities
  • Collaborate on plan for initiating response activities

Neutralize stage has the following tasks:

  • Remove the attackers’ access
  • Stop any further damage to assets or data
  • Prevent any further exfiltration of data
  • Recommend real-time prevention actions to address root cause

Monitor stage has the following tasks:

  • Transition to Manage Threat Response (MTR) services
  • Perform ongoing monitoring and detection reoccurrences
  • Provide a post-incident threat summary

Key incident response features include;

Fast response – quickly identify, contain and neutralize active threats

Threat Removal – Malware is removed from your business environment

24/7 monitoring – Incident response after threat removal is enabled for 45 days

VIP customer – Dedicated incident response lead keeps you updated

Post-Incident analysis – Threat summary explains investigation and all actions taken

Predictable pricing – Upfront, fixed costs. No hidden fees.

Incident Response Plan

If your business is not under going an active cyber attack, we high recommend to contact us and make a cyber incident response plan.

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